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Winston-Salem, NC – Mike Bandz, hip-hop artist known for his work with his rap group, 3rd Degree MOB, is entering the world of film and will partner with music promoters to produce a short film based on his new single “Sex and Drugz”.

Bandz has been performing for over a decade and put the hip-hop world on notice when he and partner Louie G quickly became the premiere hip-hop artists in and around Winston-Salem, with hits such as “With Me” and “Game On”. Bandz is noted for his wordplay and his take-no-prisoners rhymes.

Now Bandz has teamed up with singer Jerry White for “Sex and Drugz”, and the short film it has inspired goes into production soon. The film is not a music video.

“To us he is a different type of artist and has a very different personality than most of the rap artists we deal with,” says Ryan Knox of

“So we wanted to take a different approach with him all together, which is where the short film idea came about.”

The music promotion company is also planning a major worldwide radio commercial campaign to promote the single in 2016.




“I Rise” – The New Single by Lissa Mitchell – A Gospel Pop Singer

Lissa Mitchell, A Gospel Pop Singer From W-S NC.

IMG_0739Her music has always been an inspiration in her community, but her aim at this point is to give the world a taste of what has always inspired those in her community and around her.

The power and energy she use in her vocals gives meaning to the story line of “I Rise”. She describes how Jesus rose from the dead so that she can rise from all her adversities! It’s an awesome tempo and the melody is perfect for radio! It’s that type of song that should be among the top selection of Christian pop music for DJ’s and their rotation.

We hope that you all enjoy and be inspired by Lissa’s new single “I Rise”. There is more in store for this talented artist and there is more to share on her upcoming new Album, “The Joy”.